Here is some information of interest if you have your site hosted with Imaginations Everything

Accessing your CPANEL

Your hosted account comes with what’s called a CPANEL. From here you can set up email accounts, check your site stats and perform any number of administrative tasks for your domain. If you go to (put your domain name in that path), you will be able to access it.

On this page, click on continue to this site (link to the left), and a pop up dialogue box will come up (similar to the webmail one below). Enter in your user name and password that we have provided you.

Once inside, you will see a page like this:


The two main areas you will access are the Mail icon, and the Web/FTP stats.

Web Mail

The best way to handle your email is to use a program like Outlook, or Outlook Express. The mail gets pulled in to your computer, and it’s easier to file/sort, set spam settings etc. If you are traveling, and want to check any new mail, you have access to what’s called webmail. You would go to (insert your own domain name). Click on the Continue to this site link.

A pop up will come up where you will enter your username and password (user name is your email account)


you will then be directed to a choice, choose horde to the left


the interface looks like this


It’s always best to use outlook or some other email program to manage your mail as it takes the mail off the server