WordPress Training

Whether you just launched your site and want to know how to manage it, or you’ve had your site for awhile, and forget how to do things, these training sessions are for you.  I will work to get you over that “where to I even start” feeling! These sessions will give you hands on training, which goes a long way to building your knowledge.  I use a virtual meeting service to hold these sessions, so we do it from the comfort of your own home or office. You will see my screen, and we can switch over to your screen for specific instructions.

We will go through all the basics, how to add blog posts, edit content, work on your SEO factor, keeping your site up to date, and more. These sessions will take approximately an hour, with time for questions at the end.  So there will be lots of time in each session to cover particular issues each participant might have. If the issues are too specific to you, we can save them for the Bonus one-on-one time.

Here’s the weekly breakdown on all that we’ll cover:

Session 1

Working with Pages

  • We will go over how to work with your pages.
  • Adding content, formatting text
  • Adding images/pdf files
  • Working with visual composer, or other types of page editors some themes come with. We won’t get too bogged down on this one, themes often have different editors. We will focus specifically on your particular editor in our one on one time.

Working with Blog Posts

  • Adding new posts
  • Editing and managing existing posts
  • Moderating comments/discussion
  • How to upload/edit images
  • Sharing your posts on social media

Session 2

Working with Menu’s and widgets

  • We show you how to add content to your menu
  • How to create more than one menu, and how to work with secondary menus
  • Working with widgets, and what to put in them.

Keeping your site secure

  • Keeping your site up to date
  • We’ll have an in-depth conversation as to why that’s important
  • We will work on showing you how to update, and backup your site

Session 3

Search Engine Optimization

  • Adding an SEO plugin
  • How to optimize your site
  • Keywords, titles, descriptions and best practices

Working with Plugins

  • how to find plugins
  • how to install
  • troubleshooting

Bonus hour long one-on-one session

  • At the end of the 3 week program, I will schedule a one on one call with each participant to go over any special needs you might have. Whether it’s portfolio, ecommerce or other specific content. Or maybe you’d like a private section, we can go over how to accomplish that.

WordPress Training Plan $300

Upcoming session Early June

(we’ll work on the dates once we have a group sign up)

If you have any questions contact me. To SIGN UP, CLICK HERE