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WordPress Themes

By January 30, 2016 Effective web sites, Site Ideas

Imaginations Everything has been developing websites for over 14 years. In the past we were mostly creating custom sites. As technology develops and evolves, our methodology is changing. Initially we were developing joomla sites, as there seemed to be a myriad of modules to work with which gave so much more flexibility in how the site looked and worked. WordPress seemed to be stuck in blog look/feel mode.

All that has changed, and now there are so many more options with wordpress, that we’ve mostly been creating those now. Though we totally have loved doing custom sites in the past, it simply doesn’t make financial sense to do them with all that’s available in these themes. From responsiveness, to custom areas, these themes out of the box give us an amazing starting point, and insure we can deliver sites to small businesses at a reasonable cost.

Even tho we are starting with a theme, these sites do not look like everyone elses, we can work with colors, images, graphics all to get the theme looking exactly as you wish.

One of our favorite sources for wordpress themes is themeforest.net. The themes that you are able to purchase there are all created by different developers. They are separated into categories so finding an appropriate theme for your site is easier.

  • I’ve had mostly good experiences with the themes and some bad, so here are a few pointers in choosing a theme.
    Choose one that has a high rating, and quite a few sales
  • Check out the support to see how quickly issues are handled, and how detailed the answers are
  • ¬†Use the themes that are “Multi-Purpose” these ones seem to have the most flexibility in terms of how the front page and more can be manipulated.
  • Don’t be thrown off by a theme that seems too busy, a lot of these multipurpose ones can be simplified a lot.