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Use Articles to Fill Their Minds With Knowledge

By October 24, 2011 Articles, Effective web sites

Including informative articles on your website is another great way to add content to your site. If your real estate firm has gotten positive press exposure, include those articles on your site.

These articles can be for contributions made in the community and if you haven’t made any, then start to do so. It doesn’t have to be huge, but should carry positive significance, such as buying the uniforms for a little league team or holding a fundraising barbeque for your local school district.

Articles also give you the chance to give users information that they may not find on other sites. The economy has impacted how much a person can afford to pay for a home so even if they have three children, they may be willing to make do with a two bedroom home.

One of their biggest questions is going to be if their furniture is going to fit. This gives you the chance to post articles about what will fit in rooms of a specific size.

So for example if you have listed a home that has a master bedroom that’s 10 X 15, you can make a note that this room will fit a queen sized bed, a dresser and two end tables.

It might sound a little silly but people really want to know these things and even better, they may not have thought about it and now you’ve done them a favor by bringing it to their attention.

Articles can also be used to further your reputation as an expert in your field. Read up on current trends in real estate and write your own articles on them.

Do a series on how to avoid foreclosure or why a house in jeopardy should be sold by the owner before the bank comes in and takes it. Make the articles compassionate and informative.

Many people who find themselves in this type of situation are so burdened by the emotional aspects of it that they may not realize that they have significant equity in their home.

If you are strictly a selling agent, you can post articles on how to get good deals by buying homes that are subject to foreclosure.

Articles can also contain information on mortgage interest rate trends and how to determine what a buyer’s closing costs are. The topics are endless and will allow you to keep fresh content on your website.

If you have a hard time forming written sentences, not to worry. You can find article writers on the Internet who will charge you a fee to write the articles for you.

To save money, you can look for existing articles on the Internet and have an agency rewrite them for you at a cost that’s lower than an original article.

by Kim Hadley