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The Importance of Compelling Content on your Site

Quality content is key to having a user focused site but having quality, compelling content will hold your viewer’s attention. Most real estate websites will include the agencies information and offer an interior search engines designed to show that agencies listings and/or an outbound link to the local Multiple Listing Site, (MLS).

You want your site to offer your viewer more than what the average real estate sites offer, and do so in a way that they stay interested in your site long enough to examine it fully and leave feeling they learned something. This gives you a better chance at having them return to your site more than once, it’s a way of earning their trust. It’s also a way of establishing your credibility.

The more informative your site is, the better your chances of converting users to clients. Your content should establish you as an expert in your field, the person people go to when they need information about real estate in your area.

Posting current real estate industry news is another way to display your knowledge and make your website informative. Perhaps an area of your town used to be primarily vacant land is now being developed into new homes. A blog can be a great way to present this knowledge, as it’s more news based, than static content.

When builders begin to develop an area, they often offer great deals on prices or extras in an effort to get the first ones occupied. Let your viewer’s know about any new trends such as a shift in the market that may turn it from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market or vice versa.

No one needs to tell you that a good real estate website should contain pictures of the homes that are listed. Take advantage of the newest technologies that allow a user to have a 360 degree virtual tour of the property’s interior and exterior.

Your website should also be a vehicle used to gain the trust of your viewer’s. Real estate is probably the biggest investment that people make and those people who are willing to let you handle their real estate transactions need to feel that they can trust you.

Viewers want more than fluff and if they feel that you will treat them with honesty, they will be more inclined to come to you for more information.

Showing that you have a good reputation amounts to more than just detailing your past success. With all of the emphasis on Internet fraud, people are less likely to believe what you say without something to back it up.

Including quotes from people who have used your services and are willing to share their great experience with you can have a section of all its own on your site. What’s important is to make sure that those people that you are quoting are willing to be contacted to verify what they have said.

Your content should not just be informative; it should also be entertaining, so that you can hold the viewer’s attention and get them to visit it again and again. This can be done with articles, blogs and newsletters.

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