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Site Re-launch

By June 1, 2008 New Site Launch

Long time client Jan Horn (www.janhorn.com) was looking for new look for the site we had designed for him back in 2003. Initially we had come up with a site for him that had a fair amount of content. With most realtor sites, we want the content to feed the search engines need for words they can scan to rank the sites.

Since Los Angeles is a very competitive market in terms of getting ranked high in the search engines, and since the client’s is working a niche market of architecturally significant homes, we decided to create a new site for hi that spoke more to that market, than play the search engine game.

We don’t often take this approach, but in Jan’s case it made sense. We work very hard at working with our clients to come up with individual solutions for their business, and for www.janhorn.com we came up with a site that’s as stunning as the homes he represents.


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