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Getting your start page working for you

By June 12, 2016 Lead Generation

Working hard to drive traffic to your site is a goal we all try to achieve. Once that traffic is there, the second biggest effort we need to make is to get that traffic to stay on the site and eventually engage with you. Fill in a form, send an email or pick up the phone is the ultimate goal of any site. The start page is the entry point to your site, it needs to work the hardest for you to engage the viewer.

Take a good look at your start page? Does it have impact? Does it draw you in, make you want to move into the site? Does it have strong “call to action”? All things you need to look at, evaluate and evolve. When we get it right, we call it a sticky page, meaning a viewer coming onto that page will move forward into the site.

As a graphic artist, I’d like to seen a front page visually stunning, a lovely first impression. I also know from years of working on websites, that we sometimes have to compromise design to get that stickyness. A challenge to meld the two! Not all audiences are alike, and often we work a front page several times before we get it right.

We evolve post launching a site to get the formula working for our own brand of audience. Point also being that a well thought out start page can make or break the site, and coming to a good start page can be more of an evolution than something that’s created in an instant.

posted by Kim Hadley

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