Setting up your email in Outlook

Once an email has been set up for you, you need to set it up as an account in your outlook in order to be able to use it. You can have more than one account, each one needs to be set up separately. Instructions are below. These are instructions for Outlook, Outlook Express is very similar. Follow the how to steps, or watch the video at the end of the how to.

Step #1: From the tool bar choose TOOLS/ACCOUNTS. A wizard will pop up, choose POP 3



On the next page choose manually set up account, without putting any information in


Click next, and again choose POP email, and next

then on this screen below, fill in all the information. the information you may be missing is in the document Imaginations Everything would have sent you about your account. Make sure the user name is the complete email address.


Now click MORE SETTINGS, and hit the advanced tab. Change the outgoing server port to 26, and hit ok. Test settings


If you have trouble getting the email to send, go back to advanced settings and the outgoing server and check my outgoing server requires authentication


click here for more instructions if you don’t see more info below

You can actually have several email accounts all being pulled into your outlook. There’s one that’s the default, it’s the one that is automatically used when you hit new email.emailsetup5

When you want to send an email to someone regarding from other than the default, write the email, and when ready to send, click to the right of the send button (there’s an arrow there) and choose the appropriate account.

If you reply to someone who’s emailed you at that account, it’s automatically chosen for the reply.


Watch Video How To


Iphone Set up

Using your mail settings set up a new account, it should be an IMAP account


the incomingn server is mail. then your domain name. So in the example it’s

the outgoing server should be as that’s the server you are connecting to.

the user name and password you use for incoming and outgoing server (the outgoing says optional but it’s not) is your full email address (the one you are trying to set up) and your email password




USE SSL and outgoing port is 465