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4 great wordpress plugins

By November 15, 2013 Articles, Blogging

There are literally thousands of plugins available for wordpress. It can take hours to find/test them. Here my top 10 favorite plugins time tested and true!

Backup Buddy

A paid for plugin, but totally worth the price. Simple to use, very dependable, and pretty much always delivers the site and all content/settings exactly the way it was backed up. Great support.

Duplicate Post

Great plugin for cloning pages/posts. I’ve used this one on many sites. Especially ones where there is a fair amount of formatting terms of the theme, or even the post.

Post Types Order

Good plugin to be able to move the order of posts, portfolio items, most common content types in wordpress. Used in many sites, certain things like portfolio items, don’t make sense when displayed by date.

Social Media Widget

This is a quick and easy widget plugin that allows you to put links/icons up for your social networks.

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